گل رحمان فراز

Text Translation Points!!!

گل رحمان فراز

Text Translation Points!!!


Points to be remembered while translating are:
1. Comprehending of the text is really important for the translation, therefore, one should read the text as many times as possible till you comprehend what is written in order to translate easily and well.
2. Do not translate laterally because language are different, thus one should focus on delivering the meaning rather than on lateral translation.
3. Do not use colloquial words or languages because it is not acceptable in standard translations they are why one should always use formal language and literary words.
4. in order to, translate well, one must be good a both languages that are used to translate, otherwise, the translation will not be comprehensive or meaningful.
5. One does not have to start translation from the first word or sentence, one should always try to deliver the meaning, in order to do that, one may start the translation from any point.
6. Translator can add or omit words to stare the exact meaning of the text as long as they do not change the entire text.
7. it would be a great achievement for every interpreter/translator to be creative of delivering ideas in different ways.
8. to be honest is another good charectaristic of a Translator to express what he got form the speaker and do not lie to people.
9. this would be much more easheir for the translator and interpreter to know something about the specific mather and issue that will be discussed in the coming briefing.
10. on the time while you are translating, if you faced with some critical but crucial words that you don’t know, do not hesitate to ask the main usage and exact meaning of that word to the mentioned sentence from the user of that word. We are just the humans and mankind not a dictionary with 75000 technical daily used words.
11. if you are a low level interpreter but participating with high level officails, you are recommended and advised to let the high ranking officails know in which level do you know the language that they are speaking. It would be a practical transalation to you and you wouldn’t be faced an problem and the other positive point is this that the official that your are going to interprete his speech will try his best to use simple sentence with simple accest than complicated accesnt with worrdful sentence. Just be the same as you are and everything will be ok at the end.


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